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Are you ever curious what the new beauty terminology coming out everyday?  We have compiled a glossary to guide you through the current phrases and concepts in beauty care. In Part 1 of our Beauty and Skincare Glossary, we delve into beauty snacking, skin inflammaging, barrier restoration, and skinimalism. Let’s explore how these ideas can transform your skincare approach.

Beauty Snacking: Petite Indulgences for Your Complexion

Far from culinary, Beauty Snacking involves interspersing your day with luxurious, brief skincare rituals that not only enhance your complexion but also soothe your spirit. These indulgent pauses—be it a spritz of a revitalizing toner or a gentle massage with a relaxing Facial oil ( we love our Green Caviar Facial Oil Elixir for the task) —are crafted to infuse a moment of luxury into your routine.

Derived from the necessity of self-care during quieter moments at home, this practice maintains your skin’s luster and vitality with elegant simplicity. A little bit of chocolate would be a great companion to your Beauty Snacking.

What is beauty snacking in skincare
What is skinimalism in skincare

Skinimalism: Opt for Simplicity

Skinimalism is a trend that embraces the ‘less is more‘ philosophy in beauty routines, promoting a natural, understated look. This approach focuses on using fewer, but effective, products to enhance your natural beauty rather than masking it. As AveSeena we embrace the ethos of Skinimalism with our multi-tasking skincare line. This approach focuses on a few high-quality products that enhance rather than conceal your natural beauty, promoting a clear, glowing complexion. Skinimalism isn’t just a trend; it’s a testament to the power of understatement and the confidence of showcasing one’s intrinsic beauty.

Skin Inflammaging: The Covert Age Accelerator

Skin inflammaging merges “inflammation” with “aging,” denoting the chronic, subtle inflammation that hastens the aging process. This insidious factor may be prompted by stress, unhealthy eating, pollution, and ultraviolet exposure. This phenomenon can lead to visible signs of aging like wrinkles and loss of firmness, often exacerbated by external stresses such as pollution and UV exposure.

At AveSeena, we recognize signs of inflammaging and work to defend by blending science with potent anti-inflammatory ingredients like antioxidants and omega-rich oils into your regimen. Along with promoting a lifestyle of balance and wellness, this approach helps to safeguard your skin’s youthful radiance.

What is skin inflammaging in skincare
What is skin barrier and can skincare help with barrier repair

Barrier Barrier: Strengthen Your Skin’s Primary Shield

The skin barrier is the frontline defense against environmental threats, retaining moisture and blocking harmful agents. When the barrier is compromised, skin issues such as dryness, redness, and irritation can occur hand in hand with signs of inflammaging. Products focused on barrier restoration visibly work to repair and strengthen to keep the skin protected and hydrated. Ensuring the integrity of the skin barrier is fundamental for overall skin health and resilience.

The integrity of the skin barrier stands at the forefront of AveSeena’s skincare philosophy. AveSeena’s barrier restoration skincare solutions are meticulously formulated to fortify this essential barrier, using advanced ingredients that nurture and reinforce skin resilience, ensuring it remains supple and protected under all circumstances.


Stay tuned for more insights in subsequent parts of our glossary, designed to demystify the world of beauty care. In subsequent parts of our Beauty and Skincare Glossary, we will delve deeper into the sophisticated world of beauty care, designed to demystify and enrich your understanding of essential skincare practices. In Part 2, anticipate exploring more intriguing subjects that further define the intersection of luxury and science in beauty.


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