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Everywhere we look, the society emphasizes on “less” and “being less” on so many avenues such as our weight, our personality, our beauty and even skincare.  You see it statements like this at least once a day.

“Lose 15 pounds in a week!” ( Not physically possible, unless you starve yourself and at the end you may get sick!)

“Eat less, weigh less, look gorgeous” ( Why? You are not gorgeous now? Stop the body shaming, you are awesome!)


Get paid less at work or that promotion you deserve passes you by, because you decided to be agreeable and easy going etc.  The environment or the office culture made you to act less than.  You are not less than anyone no matter who they are or what they say. I am here to tell you that you are not less than. You are not incomplete. You are not alone. And this is not the end of your story.

What is this obsession with encouraging all of us to be less or choose less?

What about our beauty, our choices, our personality and our inspirations? What makes a person inspirational? Is it how they express their creativity, their will to change and evolve to make their life better, healthier, more beautiful and meaningful?

With all the enriching wisdom gained from their experiences, are they less or more?  I would say, they are all of that and more! You are that person. You are NOT less than, you are MORE than you are led to believe and led to choose.

I believe instead of blending in and accepting the circumstances presented to us, we can be more because we deserve to be more. We can be healthier, happier and more balanced, which also means feeling good and stronger in our own skin and body.

Let’s Be More, Not Less

With the big advancements in science, there are more – not less- studies that show natural ingredients are quite effective in achieving great looking skin.  Developments in green technology and studies by scientists support the healing, regenerating and revitalizing properties of plants and their unparalleled complexion-saving bio-abilities.

These ingredients have been used for decades in skincare yet their botanical capabilities of in skincare are clearer than ever.

That’s the good stuff you want MORE of, not less!

Here is a very interesting point in beauty and skin care. Using tons of skincare products made with tiny amount of effective botanicals or active ingredients will only cause product fatigue on your mind and your skin. And minimal results!

However, using less products that are super-concentrated with MORE amount of powerful natural ingredients in equals better effects = quality over quantity.

The 9 Best Things About Using Skincare Packed With MORE Powerful Botanicals

  • More simple, quick beauty regimen
  • More effective and faster results
  • More truly natural and nontoxic ingredients
  • More support to the environment by producing less waste
  • More quality for the quantity
  • More space on your bathroom counter (less clutter)
  • More money left in your pocket
  • More ease when packing for travel
  • More time and fun in sharing favorites with your loved ones and friends

So why not give it a try for MORE ?

Wishing you a glowing healthier skin,


Interesting Fact of the Day

Who said “less is more”?

The famous architect Mies van der Rohe used his famous dictum in 1947 of “less is more” to state his minimalistic belief and that site, materials, etc. are meaningless in architecture. In return, the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright said “Less is only more, where more is no good. ”




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