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With so many products out there focusing on pH balanced term, one wonders what is pH and why is it important for our skin?

The pH of a product is more than a marketing angle and correct pH of a skincare product is quite important when caring for our skin.

What does pH mean?

The short term pH stands for “potential hydrogen”. The term pH describes the ratio of acid versus alkaline level of a substance. The pH range goes from 0 (most acidic) to 14 (most alkaline /basic). For instance HCl is acidic where as NaOH is basic solution.

Does skin have a pH?

Yes, skin does have its own pH and its pH balance. The protective layer called the acid mantle on the top of the skin is composed of sebum produced by the skin. The sebum with the combination of  lactic acid and amino acids creates skin’s optimal pH, that is slightly acidic around pH 5.5.

Skin as the first line of immune defense performs protective functions and looks at this of pH 5.5. With a balanced pH of 5.5, the complexion looks moisturized, healthier and naturally soft.

The pH of the skin tells us how acidic or alkaline it is. On the other hand, pollution, environmental and daily stress, not sleeping enough, wrong diet and fatigue can change the pH balance of the skin for the worse making the skin prone to wrinkles, dullness, breakouts and sagging. Skin’s ability to stand against inflammation or environmental stressors can be drastically changed by the alteration of skin’s pH.

What happens if the balance is disturbed?

Let’s say the skin pH moves above 5.5 and becomes more alkaline. In that case skin can become more sensitive, dry and fragile, which can make it quite unhappy. The more alkaline the skin, more acid mantle is disrupted and more wrinkles occur. Skin with alkaline pH is also more susceptible to sun damage (sun spots, photoaging etc.) since the protective acid mantle of the skin is damaged.

If the skin is subjected to too many strong acidic peels, the pH may change towards a more acidic level. The change towards a more acidic (lower than pH 5.5) could lead to an acne prone profile. Your physician or dermatologist can determine the pH of your skin.

The beauty sweet spot for your skin pH is 5.5. To maintain a healthy balance, it’s best to avoid harsh soaps or facial cleansers with an alkaline pH. These products may make you feel squeaky clean but they can dry you out and stress the skin.

To be kinder to your skin and keep the pH balance on your face, consider skin care products that are pH balanced to treat your skin right and glowing. All AveSeena goodies have been designed to help promote the healthy pH balance of the skin.



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