Most of us focus on a good moisturizer, cleanser and a toner for a daily skin care regimen. Yet, there is something vital missing here that can change how our skin looks: Face masks! Face masks covers the skin helping active ingredients penetrate to soften, purify, hydrate or tone. We love to pamper our skin with all kinds of deep nourishing face masks.

5 Reasons for The Love Of Masks: The New Beauty Agenda

Multifunctional Benefits

Masks offer a wide range of skin care benefits in 10 minutes and with one easy application. Depending on the type of the mask, it can moisturize, draw impurities from the skin, eliminate dead cells, increase circulation, replenish nutrients, cleanse, tone, tighten or lighten your skin. A multifunctional face mask adds an extra power to our skin care regimen.

Relax… Let it go…

A great benefit of skin care treatments in a spa is relaxation of our skin, mind and soul. Incorporating a luxurious mask for 10-15 minutes in our weekly skin care regimen makes all the difference to our skin. What better and quicker way to pamper our skin and destress our mind than with a calming mask? Mini facial in a matter of minutes, face masks are a treat for our skin and our sanity.

Intense and Controlled Treatment

Masks are formulated with high performance ingredients to provide ultra nourishment. We love face masks as it allows you to control where you want to apply and how much you want to use.  Masks can be used for a quick fix or ultra pampering treatment.

Easy To Use… 1,2,3 and Done!

Applying a face mask might seem like a hassle to some but face masks are incredibly easy and quick to use. Apply any time of the day, forget it for 10 minutes, splash some refreshing water and done!

Triple Duty

With a triple duty face mask that contains a combo like exfoliation, intense hydration and tone features, we are getting three skin care treatments in one mask.  First, we apply the mask to nourish, purify, moisturize, then polish away dull skin for a rejuvenated and relaxed complexion. These multi-action masks boost the beauty and skin care benefits, while saving us time.

Discover multiple-duty ultra botanical-infused Honeyactiv Face Mask and check out the skin-loving ingredients for yourself.

Warm Regards, AveSeena

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