With all different green products out there, it is hard to scan through, try and figure out which would one you would like or work for your skin. That is where beauty bloggers come in. The founder of SunkissedKate.com may be new to the beauty scene but she is a full fledged expert on green and natural products. We are happy to have met her. She tested, tried and thoroughly reviewed AveSeena skin care line for you.

Here is a brief summary from her review. Please stop by her website for the detailed inputs, her experience and discoveries about AveSeena products.

sun kissed kate reviews aveseena natural skin care organic beauty

“AveSeena is making a big splash in the natural skin care scene with some amazing products backed by science.

AveSeena is going about natural skin care in a different way than others have. The entire AveSeena collection was designed by an immunologist and a team of cosmetic scientists. Their focus was to create a skincare line centered around the science of the immune system. And of course, made with nothing but nature.”

Sunkissedkate used Honeyactive Beauty Mask and comments “I applied a thick layer then sat for 10 minutes dreaming of chocolate. It’s super thick but melts on contact with your skin and doesn’t get dry or stiff like other masks which I love because it stays comfortable.

Word of caution, it could drip off your chin and if it does, don’t be tempted to taste it (I may have been tempted)…..The Honeyactive Beauty Mask is EWG certified and has no ingredients scoring higher than a 2 on the EWG skindeep database, so rest assured it’s safe for you and your skin.”

Aveseena ageless perfection cream skin care review

Kate tested the Essential Radiance Serum and states “This serum is a true multitasker that that illuminates, refreshes, hydrates and fights against signs of fatigue so your skin will look and feel silky smooth.

I love when I can see my skincare products working, but there’s something to be said when you can feel them working. I love applying this serum because I can feel it working.”

How about Ageless Perfection Cream? Kate comments “This cream is an anti-aging powerhouse. With each application you fight sings of aging from all angles: fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, and loss of firmness.

I’ve never said this before about an anti-aging cream, but after just one week of use, I can actually feel a difference in my skin. I keep touching my face throughout the day because it actually feels more firm and plump than it did before (and this is on fairly firm mid-twenties skin).”

Curious about Kate’s whole experience?

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Sunkissedkate reviews aveseena skin care honeyactive beauty mask instagram

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