pregnancy skin care

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! And having gone through this journey recently myself, it is not easy.

But it is so worth it!pregnancy skin care

So kudos to you! I completely feel you – the swollen feet, the skin changes and boy, those acid refluxes…

You are not alone.

Do I need to avoid some skincare ingredients during pregnancy?

With all the hormonal changes and all other you are experiencing during the pregnancy , there are certain foods you shouldn’t eat while you’re pregnant or nursing.

And just like that there are certain ingredients you should avoid because their effects are unknown or your skin plainly does not want them. Yes, your skin will tell you with inflammation, irritation whether it’s happy or not.

How did I manage my skincare routine during pregnancy?

I was very very picky with the skincare I used during my pregnancy and nursing. Everything in the our AveSeena line is formulated with you in mind and are designed to be safe for pregnant or nursing women. I personally used it during all my pregnancy and nursing period.


And of course, I always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before you add any new products to your routine or if you have any questions.

With all that, I hope you are one of those people who is or will be blessed with that lovely, natural pregnancy glow.

If not and you need your TLC, we’ve got you covered with a clean skincare regimen that will keep you radiant before, during, and after the arrival of your amazing baby.

Once again, congratulations and thank you for bringing a bundle of joy into this world!



Here are some skincare tips for the new moms.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes that affect your skin. Your hormones change, causing your skin to become thicker and oilier. Your breasts also enlarge, which can cause stretch marks on your stomach and back. Learn how to take good care of yourself while pregnant.

Listen to your skin to choose the right skincare routine

You should start taking better care of your skin before you even find out you’re expecting. This will help prevent any issues with your skin as well as make sure you have enough time to prepare for when you do discover you’re pregnant.


Avoid questionable harmful chemicals

If you’re planning on becoming pregnant, you need to take extra precautions to protect your body against harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause birth defects and other serious health problems. Make sure you avoid using products containing phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and formaldehyde.


Take good care of your skin before, during, and after pregnancy

You should also make sure to use safe skincare products when you’re pregnant. Avoid products with ingredients that contain ammonia, benzoyl peroxide, coal tar, chloroxylenol, diethanolamine (DEA), glycol ethers, hydroquinone, lanolin, mineral oil, methylparaben, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, sulfonamides, triethanolamine, and xylene.


Be prepared for unexpected changes

If you’re expecting, you’ll likely notice some changes in your body as well as your skin. Changes in hormones, weight gain, and swelling can affect your skin. It’s important to keep up with your prenatal vitamins and take all that are recommended by your doctor to help prevent birth complications.

And if you have any questions, always talk to your doctor, they are there to help you during this amazing journey!



Dr. Ebru



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