skin ph

We explored the 4 skin barriers that protects our skin, what pH is and how it relates to our skin health and wellness.

How about a quick test to find out what our skin pH is?

Let’s start….

How does your skin feel after washing or cleaning?

a) Smooth/soft/happy

b) Tight/dry/itchy/not happy

c) Little bit oily. It doesn’t feel clean.

What is your routine for moisturizing your face?

a) Twice a day: Morning and at night

b) Once a day is more than enough

c) Never. Who needs a moisturizer?

Do you develop a sensitivity to skin care or makeup products after use?

a) No

b) Sometimes

c) Yes. My skin reacts to everything.

How often does your skin become dry, rough, dull and flaky?

a) Never

b) Maybe, once in a while

c) All the time

Do you think your skin look like to have more wrinkles and dullness in the morning?

a) No

b) Sometimes

c) Yes

Do you have very oily skin? Do you breakout easily compared to before?

a) No

b) Sometimes

c) Yes

How often does your skin looks red and feels irritated or itchy?

a) Never

b) All the time

c) Only after product application

Does your skin have a plump, hydrated or moisturized look?

a) Yes

b) No

c) It looks oily not hydrated.


You answered mostly A’s so your skin pH is:

Skincare angels are singing! Your skin pH is how it’s supposed to be! It’s at its ideal state defending you against environment, nasty germs and premature wrinkles.

This is no coincidence though. Keep on using the right products for your skin type. For a healthy skin continue to moisturize, cleanse, tone and exfoliate your skin. Continue showing the love!

You answered mostly B’s so your skin pH is:

Oh, pH is too high meaning alkaline. In this case, your dry skin and increase in wrinkle formation could mean that your skin’s acid mantle is disrupted.

With the imbalance of acid mantle, your skin is vulnerable to external factors like bacteria and strong sunlight (UV). Please double check your skin routine and products to see if you are cleansing , exfoliating and moisturizing right. Take care of these and you will have your glow back in no time.

You answered mostly C’s so your skin pH is:

Too low/acidic. Are you using lot of acidic peels or exfoliation? Your skin feels very oily with breakouts? Your skin is sensitive?

It is possible you are doing too much acidic peels or exfoliation to your skin, which hurts skin’s acid mantle. It is a vicious cycle: if you try to cleanse or peel more, it gets more oily. This will only get worse if you continue doing this: meaning more grease more breakouts more sensitivity.

Unhappy skin, unhappy you. What to do? Do everything in moderation (including peeling) and use suitable products for your complexion routinely and lots of TLC.



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