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Traveling can often be stressful – between tedious packing, getting to the airport on time and the gnawing worry that your luggage might get lost somewhere along the way, there’s not much room left for enthusiasm. Besides, most people would think that a cramped seat in an aircraft flying 35,000ft above ground is no place for beauty treatments. But the truth is, long flights can be a great excuse to pamper yourself and arrive at your destination with supple, glowing skin. With a little bit of advanced planning, you will be able to pack a punch in those 100ml or less. Fasten your seat belt, pack your Natural Jetsetter Kit and let’s get to it!


Make-up Wipes Are Your Friend

There is nothing worse than having day-old make-up sit on your face when you are traveling long distance. We totally get it if you want to have glowing skin up for the airport, but it’s important not to let all that gunk accumulate on your face for prolonged periods of time. Since airplanes aren’t the most convenient place for an elaborate cleansing routine, make-up wipes will do a fine job of removing product from your face and prep your skin for what’s about to follow, which is…


Moisture, Moisture, Moisture


Pressurized cabin air is notoriously dry and can wreak havoc on your skin, which is why it’s important to keep hydrated around the clock by drinking plenty of water, applying and reapplying lip balm and slathering thick cream on your hands. When it comes to your face, it’s crucial to pack a product that can achieve a lot with a little. Moisturizers such as the Ageless Perfection Cream are incredibly rich in key ingredients like botanical oils and Aloe Vera, which will help boost your skin’s moisture levels and keep it hydrated throughout the journey.


Elevate Your Hydrating Game


If you are on a red eye, you might want to consider taking your mid-air moisturizing routine a step further by using a face serum. Ideally, you should choose a product that’s rich in moisture, yet travel-friendly, like the Micro Algae Immun-B3 Serum, which doesn’t thicken on the skin, so it is easy to apply and rinse off – even mid-flight. All you have to do is sit back with your in-flight entertainment of choice and let the mask do its job – your skin will look plump and radiant when you show up at the arrivals gate!



Waking up your inner beauty