travel kit natural skin care tsa friendly
travel kit natural skin care tsa friendly
travel kit natural skin care tsa friendly
travel kit natural skin care tsa friendly
travel kit natural skin care tsa friendly

The Natural Discovery Kit

Beauty Discovery Treat


In-Flight Beauty & Discovery Treat


Our Natural Discovery Kit is the perfect solution to experience all our delicious skincare products. Now you will get all 6 products instead of 3. Once you’ve fallen in love with them, you can use the promotional code that comes with the kit to claim your 15% discount for any future AveSeena purchase.


Good for: Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Prematurely aged, Mature, Combo, Normal Skin


Best for: Signs of dryness, the appearance of inflammaging such as fine lines, dehydration, rough/dull texture and uneven tone.


Non-Toxic | Cruelty-Free | Anti-Fatigue | Alcohol-Free | Synthetic Fragrance-Free | Dermatologist-Tested/Approved | Ophthalmologist-Tested/Approved | Clean Beauty


More Details                                   0.34 fl.oz / 10 ml each

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These travel sized essentials will keep you looking completely refreshed and revitalized whether abroad, at your office or home.

Apply Micro Algae Immun B3 Serum and Ageless Perfection Cream mid-air and once safely landed. Enjoy Supreme Recontour Eye Concentrate on your eyes and Green Caviar Facial Oil Elixir to replenish the skin’s moisture balance.

Relax and detox your complexion with Honeyactive Beauty Mask after your flight.

Don’t spend time packing, enjoy our TSA friendly Natural Discovery Kit. Discover how wonderful your skin feels as you reward it with natural age-defying care!

You’ ll receive 0.34 oz/ 10 ml jar of not 3 but all 6 of our delicious products in a black velvet pouch now. Ideal for all skin types and ages.

  • Micro Algae Immun B3 Serum: Use morning and night after cleansing, apply two to three drops to face and neck until serum has fully soaked in.
  • Ageless Perfection Cream: Apply evenly on clean face and neck day and night, daily. Gently massage onto face and neck until absorbed.
  • Honeyactive Beauty Mask : You can use this mask in 3 different ways to treat yourself. Please click here for detailed information.
  • Supreme Recontour Eye Concentrate: Apply a drop of the serum onto the ring finger and press into areas needing maximum lift.
  • Green Caviar Facial Oil Elixir: Gently shake to activate the formula. Sweep 3 to 5 drops over face and neck morning and evening, then follow with your AveSeena skincare regimen.
  • Gentle Gardenia Anti-Pollution Gel Cleanser Use daily in AM and PM to wash away impurities. Dampen skin, then dispense one pump into palm. Massage over the face in circular motions, avoid the eye area. Rinse with water.

Discover the exclusive Natural Discovery Kit featuring fabulous TSA-approved sized potent beauty so you can travel in style while giving your skin some extra TLC.

Packed with a secret fusion of precious botanicals, flowers, fatigue fighting Vitamins and peptides, these luscious beauty treats visibly turn around dull, lackluster skin transforming sleep deprived skin instantly.

Skin will radiate in seconds leaving it smoother, plumper and glowing.

How to Apply

Ageless Perfection Cream:  Remove a small dollop with your applicator from the jar. Apply daily on clean face, neck and décolleté day and night. Gently press into skin and apply light upward circular movements onto face and neck.


Micro Algae Immun B3 Serum:  Apply one or two drops of the Serum to clean face, neck and décolleté, morning and/or night for a targeted nourishment. Gently press into skin delicate movements.


Supreme Recontour Eye Concentrate:  Lightly pat a small, rice grain-sized amount around eye area with your ring finger until fully absorbed. Use morning and night after cleanser and serum but before moisturizer.


Green Caviar Facial Oil Elixir:   Gently shake to activate before application. Warm a few drops in hands. Apply gently two to three drops over face, neck, and any other dry areas, morning and evening.


Gentle Gardenia Anti-Pollution Gel Cleanser:   Use daily in AM and PM to wash away impurities. Dampen skin, then dispense one pump into palm. Massage over the face in circular motions, avoid the eye area. Rinse with water.


Honeyactive Beauty Mask:   Apply 2-3 times a week after warming 1-2 dollops of mask between finger tips to face and neck.

Massage the mask onto entire face avoiding eye area.

Indulge the mask for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with water. The skin’s radiance is instantly revived. Follow with MICRO ALGAE IMMUN-B3 SERUM or AGELESS PERFECTION CREAM for flawlessly beautiful skin.

For more intense revitalization, mix the mask with 1 to 2 drops of MICRO ALGAE IMMUN-B3 SERUM and apply once or twice a week. Upon removal of the mask, the skin appears deeply renewed.

For more instant plumping and anti-aging effect, mix the Mask with 1 to 2 drops of GREEN CAVIAR FACIAL OIL ELIXIR and apply once or twice a week. Upon removal of the mask, the skin appears deeply nourished and plump.

Keep your Mask at room temperature, dark place for the active ingredients to stay potent from the first drop to the last.

Key Ingredients

SNOW MUSHROOM (TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS) – The ultimate natural moisture magnet pulling moisture and hydration to the skin. The particles in Tremella Mushroom are smaller than hyaluronic acid that allows it to penetrate more easily to visually plump the skin, decrease the look of wrinkles and tightening the skin tone.

GLOBULARIA CORDIFOLIA (GLOBE DAISY) STEM CELLS – harvested from 6500 feet high mountains at a temperature of 20 degrees below 0, this amazing botanical restores luminescent resilient look.

PEPTIDE COMPLEX – serves to visibly bind moisture to plump, firm, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

CAESALPINIA SPINOSA GUM – the botanical alternative to Hyaluronic acid derived from the endosperm of the Caesalpinia spinosa plant is used to improve hydration, elasticity and suppleness.

VITAMIN C – visibly firms and brightens the look and feel of skin.

VITAMINS B3 and B5 – play a central role in maintaining a visibly youthful, clear, radiant and elastic skin with anti-oxidant defense against pollution, stress and environmental aggressors.

SQUALANE – mimics your natural oils to boost skin hydration for ultimate feel of elasticity and firmness.

DIAMOND EXTRACT – ultra-fine diamond extract for lit from with in illumination.

CENTELLA ASIATICA  aka “CICA” and ARNICA – are rich in antioxidants and believed to visibly soothe and support unhappy stressed complexions.

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“CICA, Centella Asiatica in other words Gotu Kola is believed to soothe and repair, red, inflammated irritated skin. Centella asiatica is effective in improving treatment of small wounds, hypertrophic wounds as well as burns, psoriasis and scleroderma. The mechanism of action involves promoting fibroblast proliferation and increasing the synthesis of collagen and intracellular fibronectin content and also improvement of the tensile strength of newly formed skin as well as inhibiting the inflammatory phase of hypertrophic scars and keloids.” – Advances in Dermatology and Allergology | 2013

“Rosehip oil has relatively high protection against inflammation and oxidative stress…. Efficacy of topical rose hip seed oil together with an oral fat-soluble vitamins on different inflammatory dermatitis such as eczema, neurodermatitis, and cheilitis, with promising findings of the topical use of rose hip seed oil on these inflammatory dermatoses” – International Journal of Molecular Sciences | 2017

“Jojoba oil also has a proven anti-inflammatory effect, with potential uses in a variety of skin conditions including skin infections, skin aging.The high content of wax esters makes jojoba oil a good repair option for dermatoses with altered skin barriers, such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczematous dermatitis, AD, and acne” – International Journal of Molecular Sciences | 2017

“Topical application of Borage oil in infants and children with seborrheic dermatitis has been shown to normalize skin barrier function.” – International Journal of Molecular Sciences | 2017

“Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) has antipruritic, antimicrobial, vasoactive, photo-protective, sebostatic and lightening effects depending on its concentration.” – Skin Pharmacology and Physiology | 2014

“Glycerine and emollients can create an environment for improved barrier function which can be further improved by incorporating specific ingredients such as Niacinamide.” – British Journal of Dermatology | 2012

“The topical application of Aloe vera (leaf gel), Helianthus annuus (sunflower oleodistillate) increased skin hydration, reduced the transepidermal water loss…” – Skin Pharmacology and Physiology | 2012

“Aloe vera extract is a natural effective ingredient for improving skin hydration, possibly through a humectant mechanism. Consequently, it may be used in moisturizing cosmetic formulations and also as a complement in the treatment of dry skin.” – Skin Research & Technology | 2006

“The Rosa plant exerts various biological functions, including antioxidant and anti-microbiological activities. Results indicated the skin anti-inflammatory activity of Rose Petal Extract is because of antioxidant activity.” – Food Science & Nutrition | 2018

“The expression of inflammatory profile was lower in the coconut oil-treated group after exposure to UVB radiation…. Natural oils such as Sunflower seed oil have been suggested as good options for their use in promoting skin barrier homeostasis ” – International Journal of Molecular Sciences | 2017

“Cucumber also has the power to relax and alleviate the sunburn’s pain. It gives a soothing effect against skin irritations and reduces swelling.”-Fitoterapia | 2013

“Panthenol (Vitamin B5)-containing formulations produced significant decreases in TEWL (transepidermal water loss from skin) after 30-day applications.” – Journal of Cosmetic Science | 2011

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Casey Christo

Very good products


I wanted to try all the products first. This kit gives enough to see the effects - which I must say immediately. Love the mask and the cream. I also love that they offer 15% off for the full products after the kit. It's like I got the kit for free. Highly recommended


I am so glad you released this set. I’ve been wanting to try Aveseena for a while now. I have very sensitive skin and I was hesitant to commit to the full size products just in case my skin reacted. I really don't like shipping purchases back so this was the perfect kit for me to sample all these products. Shipping was very fast. I am pleased with the little jars and the bag. I can take it anywhere without worrying space. The price is perfect for the amount of the product. I am starting to use today. Thank you Aveseena and April. I love your customer service. They answered every question I have and even more.

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