Do you worry about what is in your products? Do you question if those ingredients in your personal care products are safe for you, for your skin and health?

We do not want you to worry about those. We want you to have absolute peace-of-mind for your health and skin! As AveSeena, we employ a very detailed and thorough ingredient selection process and our H-Free List. This rigorous process backed up with knowledge from scientific publications ensures us to offer more effective, cleaner and safer beauty products with high-quality natural ingredients.

Unfortunately, the US cosmetic regulations has not been updated since 1938 and not as health conscientious as EU or other international cosmetic regulations. Environmental Working Group (EWG), the nonprofit environmental and health group known for its research on toxic and potentially harmful chemicals in consumer goods has been working actively to help consumers to provide extensive information for healthier alternatives. EWG has compiled an extensive list of harmful ingredients that are found in cosmetics and skin care products such as endocrine disrupting chemicals (i.e. parabens, phthalates).EWG Verified skin care

EWG established EWG VERIFIED™ program for cosmetics and the personal care industry. In this program, only the products that meet the EWG’s highest standards can bear the EWG VERIFIED seal to hep you easily identify safer and healthier personal care products. Additionally, EWG VERIFIED seal ensures good manufacturing practices and full disclosure of ingredients on the packaging and the website!

AveSeena is taking part in the innovative EWG VERIFIED program! All our products have been honored with EWG VERIFIED seal for meeting the highest standards, ingredient transparency and good manufacturing practices!


These products are all made WITHOUT ingredients deemed worrisome by the @EnvironmentalWorkingGroup #RaiseTheBar  .

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How do you reduce your skin’s exposure to toxic chemicals this year?

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