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You know, amid the chaos of everyday life, finding those moments for yourself can seem almost like a fantasy. But I’ve come to realize that recharging isn’t about carving out huge chunks of time; it’s more about making the most of the little moments we already have. Let me share some personal tricks I’ve woven into my own life; trust me, they require no extra time at all.

Grabbing Those Micro-Moments

It really is about the little things. Taking a deep breath before diving into emails, soaking up a minute of sunlight, or truly tasting my morning coffee—these small acts of mindfulness have such a profound impact. They’re like mini vacations for my mind throughout the day (with lots of caf and decaf coffee! :).


A Quick Dip into Nature

Just a brief encounter with the outdoors can be so refreshing. Whether it’s a glance out the window, a quick jaunt to the mailbox, or even just smelling some rose essential oil, it’s like a brief disconnect from all the stress. I love the tiny little tomato plants I planted in the pots with the marigolds. I love watching them grow ( and my duaghter eats all the tomatoes at the end). Even smelling rose essential oil will disconnect you from the stress and you can even make your own rose oil, discover here. It’s surprisingly simple and pretty grounding.

Creativity in a Flash

I’m no Picasso (just your friendly neighborhood immunologist), but finding ways to be creative in short bursts—scribbling in a notebook, rearranging a shelf, or crafting with my kid for a few—has been unexpectedly rejuvenating. She uses my lipstick on my face sometimes for crafting ah what am I to do? It’s amazing how such a break can recharge your brain (lipstick is gone at this point :).

Embrace the Power of No

Learning to say no is about valuing your own time and energy. It’s okay to decline additional requests or commitments that don’t serve your or your family’s immediate needs. This isn’t selfishness; it’s strategic self-care. Strategic No is good, always Yes is not… (No with toddlers is sometimes a losing game, but I am learning 🙂

Establish a Simple Ritual

Ending my day with something calming, like lighting a Wellness Candle or treating my skin to a Honeyactive Beauty Mask, has become my non-negotiable me-time (Even it means I am hiding in my room with my ear plugs on for 10 minutes. That time is reserved for the skincare ritual!).

It’s not just about skincare; it’s a reminder to take care of my inner self too. These simple rituals are my way of telling myself that I matter, amidst everything else on my plate.

In the constant hustle, finding ways to recharge your soul doesn’t have to be a grand affair. It’s the small, mindful choices that really add up, making a significant difference in our well-being. Trust me, integrating these little acts into your day can truly make all the difference.



Waking up your inner beauty
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