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The period after opening refers to the amount of time that elapses between the moment you open a product and the first use of it. This time varies depending on the type of product and how it was stored.

Period After Opening on skincare products

PAO means period after opening

If you store your products properly, you should see no difference in the effectiveness of your products after the initial opening. However, some products will lose their potency faster than others.

Products that are exposed to light, heat, moisture, or oxygen will lose their potency much quicker than those kept in a cool, dark space. For instance, if you store your products in an airtight container, they will last longer than those stored in a plastic bag.

The best way to ensure that your products remain potent is to keep them in a cool, dark place. You can use a refrigerator, freezer, or even a closet. Just be sure to rotate your products regularly.


Period After Opening on skincare products


What is the time frame during which a product will remain effective?

PAO refers to the period of time after opening where a product loses its potency. It varies by product type and storage method. For example, toners with alcohol tend to lose their effectiveness more quickly than those without alcohol.

Products with PAOs range from two weeks to one year. If you want to use a product past its expiration date, you should store it properly. Store your products at room temperature away from sunlight, humidity and heat sources. All skincare products should be stored in a cool, dark place.

When you purchase a new product, check the label to see if there is a PAO listed. If there isn’t, please do NOT assume that the product has been formulated to last longer than one month. Either contact the producer or select another alternative product with a PAO on it. And, if you notice that the product’s expiration date has passed, you should discard it immediately.


Why PAO is important in selecting a skincare product?

If you’re looking for a new moisturizer, make sure to choose one that has a PAO of at least six months. That means it will still work well even after you open it up!

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science found that products with a PAO of at most three months were less likely to be effective than those with a PAO of six months or more.

Products with a PAO of three months or less are less likely to work because they contain ingredients that break down quickly. These include preservatives, fragrances, and other chemicals that can cause irritation.


What is the best way to keep skincare products?

Whether a moisturizer, face serum or an eye cream, you can take some precautions to ensure your skincare product works with its top efficiency. The Period After Opening is generally 12 months for moisturizers, face serums and related products. When kept closed, these products can be kept for up to around 24 months but only if kept in the conditions described below.

– Always close jars and bottles after use and do not let water or humidity get in the products.

– Avoid exposing your products to sunlight which breaks down the integrity of the products.

– Avoid heat sources such as on or near radiators, keeping it in front of a window, in a hot car or leaving it in a beach bag, etc.

– Wash your hands before using the products and use a spatula to take the product out of its jar.


What about PAO and make up products?


Period After Opening on makeup products


Brief Guide For PAO and Expiration Date

Here is our brief cheat sheet on how long the products will remain effective before and after opening (PAO). Please note that you need to pay attention to the PAO and expiration dates noted on your products.

Guide For PAO and Expiration Date skincare

What about our PAO?

On the back of our skincare products on the cardboard packaging, you will see this jar sign – the PAO sign (Period After Opening). The PAO was made compulsory by the European Union on 11 March 2015.

On top of this, all our products go through serious testing period and Dermatologist approval so your skin could enjoy the healthiest and most effective formulas.


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