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When you’re tired and sleepy, it can be hard commit to a full night time skin care routine. However, a nightly skin care routine is very important for keeping your skin barriers and skin microbiome healthy and vibrant. A natural night time skin care routine in parallel to your daily skincare routine helps keep wrinkles away and keeps your skin looking young and healthy. It’s never too late to start caring for your skin.

Key Point

Your skin works hard at night to regenerate all the barriers when you are sleeping. That’s why it is the best time to use skin care products that especially address specific skin concerns like dryness, oiliness, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven tone.

What should your nighttime skin care routine be?

It’s crucial to remove your makeup and wash away daily impurities from your face at the end of each day. Excess oil, daily pollutants, and makeup can build up on the surface of your skin and can lead to clogged pores, unbalanced skin microbiome functions, more oil, inflammation and irritation.

Another important point is to always be sure to moisturize your skin after you cleanse. This will help balance the moisture so your skin will not dry out leaving it looking dull and in the long run irritated.

How to establish a nighttime skin care routine for your 20s?

Let’s start with the 20s. Starting a good skin care routine in your 20s is taking care of your skin before the its natural power is drained and little red “Check Engine” light goes on. If you start taking care of your skin in 20s, you will have less skin issues such as inflammaging, dryness fine lines and wrinkles in the near future!

Key Point

Prevention: The main point of skin care in your 20s is to prevent sun damage and common signs of aging.
What to do: Don’t sleep with your makeup on. Pollutants and makeup piled up on your skin all day will clog your pores and may cause breakouts if left on overnight.

Establish your 20s Routine

A good, easy-to-follow skin care routine is essential to cover all the skin care needs and the first step to great skin health! At the optimal minimum, your skincare routine will include a cleanser, an eye cream, and a moisturizer. Don’t forget to include a sunscreen. This whole routine application takes a couple of minutes per day.

1. Cleanser

Wash off the impurities (excess oil, makeup, dirt) that stick to your skin with a gentle cleanser. Starting with a clean skin will help all the products you are using on your skin to work as they should. Our Gentle Gardenia Anti-Pollution Gel Cleanser will help remove all impurities without drying out your skin. Cleanse your skin both day and night.

2. Eye Concentrate

20s is ideal age to begin using an eye cream or a concentrate. Gently tap on a nourishing eye concentrate that is light textured so it does not tug away the delicate eye skin like our Supreme Recontour Eye Concentrate to help rid of the dark circles and puffiness after a long night out. It can be used both day and night.

3. Moisturizer

Face creams are full of ingredients to lock in much needed hydration during the day, and keeping it smooth and nourished at night. Keep your skin hydrated and healthier by applying a moisturizer like our Ageless Perfection Cream all over your face and your neck, day and night.

What is the best nighttime skin care products for everybody especially for 30 and up?

1. Cleanser: A Must Have

All day, you’ve been wearing makeup and sunscreen, excess oil on your face and your hands have been on your face. Come at night your face is dirty. A thorough yet gentle cleansing is absolutely needed to get all the yuckiness off before going to bed.

2.Detox the day off

Some days are extra hard and you want to make sure you get all the impurities that have dulled out your skin all day. Apply a really great detox mask that will draw out that below the surface impurities while being respectful to skin barriers and microbiome. This will get your skin ready to absorb your serums and moisturizer! Our Honeyactive Beauty Mask is the ideal detox mask can be used 1-3 times a week.

3. Serum

Serum‘s are powerhouses of the skincare routine. They are extra concentrated to brighten, nourish and hydrate that stressed skin at night with a few drops. Don’t forget to treat your decolletage, too!

4. Moisturize, hydrate and nourish

Last step of the night skin care routine is like that perfect note in a concerto. Slather on a multi-tasking moisturizer on your face and decolletage and let your skin nourish in the goodness. This will also comfort the skin barriers in a deep level of hydration & work wonders while you sleep.

5. Apply Eye Concentrate

Anyone over the age of 20 needs to be applying an eye concentrate on a regular basis. The nighttime is the perfect time to apply and enjoy the benefits of it in the morning. Dab on eye area and a little extra between the eye brows and temple area to wake up feeling nice and hydrated.

build your skin care routine

How to establish a nighttime skin care routine for oily skin?

Oily skin is one of the most common skin concerns whether you are 20 or over 20 years old. It challenges our everyday appearance with overly shiny complexion and sudden acne breakouts.

The good news is the right skin care routine and products can help you to turn all this into a less of a problem.

The result: a simple four-step routine you can use in the morning and evening to keep your skin healthier, happier and shine-free.

1. Gentle Cleanse in the AM and PM

The most important step of any skin care routine is cleansing while respecting the skin barriers and skin microbiome. If your skin is more on the oily side, you can tolerate more cleansing compared to a very dry complexion. However, choosing the right cleanser is critical and please do not wash your face with soap. Soap has a pH around 10-11 and will strip all the good oils from your face making it more reactive and more inclined to produce more oil.

Even though your skin may feel still clean from the night before, your skin is actually busy during the night shedding skin cells, actively working on the renewal and producing oils. That’s why washing with a gentle non-stripping cleanser like Gentle Gardenia Anti-Pollution Gel Cleanser is recommended. You can also mix a dollop of the Honeyactive Beauty Mask with this cleanser to create your own gentle exfoliating cleanser. This is going to really help clear away extra oil and dead skin cells to prevent buildup in the pores.  If you like you can add, gentle calming rose water as a spray toner.

2. Hydrate in the a.m. and p.m.

Hydrating your skin with a moisturizer or a serum is a very important step if you have oily skin. General belief that if you have oily skin, you should not moisturize is completely wrong. As you do not moisturize your skin, the skin tries to compensate by producing more oil trying to compensate for the transepidermal water loss.

All skin types need moisturizer. If you have oily skin, you need a moisturizer and need to be a little more careful when selecting it. Look for a moisturizer that is more lightweight, free of oils, water-based formulas. Micro Algae Immun-B3 Serum with its light, oil- free and niacinamide including formula is an excellent one for oily complexions. And all needed is one drop.

Why should I choose AveSeena skin care products?

AveSeena produces highly effective and luxurious skincare to combat signs of inflammaging (aka: signs of inflammation+aging) that could lead to sensitivities, redness, irritation, dullness and premature aging. that is completely free of synthetic ingredients. Thoroughly researched, developed and formulated by an immunologist and beauty engineers, the formulas are completely free from questionable ingredients and house the most concentrated high-performance natural ingredients as possible in the industry. All are tested and approved by dermatologist and non-toxic (heavy metal free). With sustainability is also top of out mind, we feature 100% recyclable containers.

You may ask are these worth the money. The short answer? Yes. Not only do you feel the products immediately and in the long run, they do smell and feel amazing. Maximum efficacy with minimum amount of products is top of mind for us and each product is made with the potent and highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the globe for top of the line results.

Need a little more information? We offer Natural Discovery Kit for you where you can try the products and receive 15% off with any full sized product with your next purchase.


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