Diving into an elaborate skin care routine somewhere between the annoying sound of your morning alarm and the moment when you rush out the door to go the work may not sound like the most appealing scenario. However, with a little bit of preparation, you can create an effective AM habit that won’t be too time-consuming, but will wake your skin up and prepare it for the challenging day ahead.


Balance Out Your Skin


Different people have different philosophies when it comes to cleansing in the morning: some like to go for a thorough two-step cleanse, others just prefer a splash of cold water. Whatever you do, it’s important to tone your skin afterwards, as this step will help remove any dirt particles that amassed on your face overnight, even out your complexion and restore the pH balance in your skin.


Add a Bit of Glow


If you’re still not sure whether you should start using a serum as an integral part of your skin care routine, you can read up on its numerous benefits in one of our previous blog posts. In the morning, it’s ideal to opt for a lightweight, fast-absorbing product packed with active ingredients, like AveSeena’s Essential Radiance Serum. It will penetrate deep into your skin cells, lock in the moisture and give your face that extra luminosity.


Final Boost of Moisture


After serum, add extra hydration to your skin by applying a thick moisturizer like our Ageless Perfection Cream on your face, neck and décolletage area. This will help lift and energize your skin, but also seal all the previous hydrating product you applied. If you plan on applying make-up after finishing your skin care routine, a rich moisturizer like this one can also serve as an excellent base for foundations or BB creams.

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