In front of a woman in a lab coat sits several tubes and bottles filled with various botanical ingredients from all over the world to inspire the skin with the ultimate natural moisturizing complex. “Skin is the first innate immune barrier that protects us against external factors and microbes entry into the body. During that process it can go through changes such as peeling, drying out and loosing its moisture.” explains Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, MSc. PhD, an immunologist with expertise in the effect of hormones and estrogenic chemicals on immune system, who spent more than 10 years obsessively researching the game-changing skin care that harnesses natural ingredients without estrogenic effects.

“Hydration and moisturization are vital for glowing youthful healthy looking skin. Age, stress and environmental factors can dry and unbalance your skin leaving it with a rough texture that doesn’t reflect the light and your complexion may appear dull, ashy. ” confirms immunologist Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, pointing to the main difference between hydrators and moisturizers. “Hydrators have ingredients that hold onto water in the skin and/or to help increase the growth of collagen and elastin, which provides elasticity to the skin. These products containing a humectant (such as glycerin) has the ability to attract water from its surroundings and offer it to your complexion.
*Moisturizers ‘seal’ the skin against trans-epidermal water loss meaning evaporation of water from your skin. The moisturizing products help your skin to hold onto your moisture better and also assist in repairing a damaged lipid barrier. The ideal skin care cream that includes both hydrating and moisturizing ingredients will help to transform your lackluster skin for good and might be your best line of defense against dryness and aged look”.

Ageless Perfection Cream has been designed with both moisturizers and hydrating ingredients to offer a multi-tasking solution to flaky, dry complexions. Used daily in combination a good skin care routine could provide a “restorative dome” over the skin—the perfect antidote for fending off dull, stressed, lackluster skin.

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