As much as we’d like to believe it, we don’t really give our skin the attention it deserves.Now before you scoff, hear us out!

Sure, you’ve got your skincare regime down with those concentrated serums and moisturizers.But do you ever stop to think that perhaps your skin needs an extra boost, one that requires you to sit and relax for about 15-20 minutes?

Here’s why Face Masks are so important

Face masks are one of the greatest tools in your skincare arsenal. Not only do they offer instant gratification by layering your skin with a concentrated layer of product, but they force you to relax, and that’s something we must focus on.

Aside from dirt, dust, pollution and bacteria that are present in the air, one factor that we forget about when it comes to skincare is the effect of stress. Even with applying those face creams and facials, we don’t realize that unless we fix one major flaw in our routine – stress – these products will not work as they promise.

This is why we keep getting facials and using moisturizers. This is why we lose hope when these products don’t work. Because they don’t receive the proper support to begin with!

However, when you apply a face mask, you sit back and allow your skin to soak in the moisture and the ingredients. Since you’re not able to do much else, you simply close your eyes or you scroll through Instagram. By doing so, you move away from stress, just for a little while. And that works miracles!

That is why face masks are so popular, because they help your skin in more ways than one!

What Face Masks do for Your Facial Skin

The basic purpose of face masks is to deep cleanse your skin. When applied, the mask draws out the impurities hidden in your epidermis (and deeper) layer, thus detoxing your skin of any dirt or particles that may have lodged themselves in your pores. This makes you fresher and smoother.

Also, with liquid face masks (unlike sheet masks), when the mask hardens and you peel it off or gently scrub it off, this process causes the delicate blood vessels in your face to expand, thus increasing blood circulation. Thus, your skin radiates a certain glow and dewiness, which improves your skin tone.

But this isn’t all that a face mask does for you!

With time, the beauty industry has become a lot more advanced, offering various face masks that target specific skin problems, such as double tone, dryness, fine lines, rosacea, dark spots and acne. Like the Honeyactive Beauty Mask from AveSeena, which provides nourishment and vitality to your pores and smooths out your skin as well, making it silky to the touch.

In short, face masks provide your skin with a gentle boost, one that coaxes it to function well and protect itself against the elements.

The Bottom Line!

Face masks are basically a God-send for those of us who simply do not have the time (or the money) to get monthly facials!

So if you want to give your skin what it needs – without worrying about money – then buy natural face masks from AveSeena. All our products are cruelty-free, natural and organic, and perfect for all skin types!

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