We’re becoming more mindful about what we put into our bodies. However, we often don’t pay the same attention when it comes to our skin, our first line of immune defense against external aggressors. Although, our skin acts like as a shield and protects us, it could be quite fragile and easily become unhealthy if we do not show necessary TLC.


Today, we want milder, skin friendly and more natural skin care formulations which will shield against pollution and environment’s aging affects. According to recent research 14% of people – that is one in 7- agree that pollution and another 38% confirms stress definitely impacts the appearance of their skin.


Stress does affect our immune system as well. Recent studies have confirmed skin and immune system as an immediate target of stress. As the largest organ of the body, skin plays important barrier and immune functions, maintaining homeostasis between external environment and internal tissues. The skin reacts to the stress by activating the endocrine and immune systems, and chronic stress can negatively impact the skin health. Additionally, stress can affect the integrity of skin collagen, which can accelerate the signs of aging.*


With natural beauty and skincare becoming more sophisticated and increasing environmental pollution as well as stress factors, there’s never been a better time to change your regime for the better. Our skin and body deserves the best skin care, cosmetics, makeup and more crafted from botanicals, anti-aging vitamins, potent minerals and other precious natural ingredients — and always free of questionable materials, endocrine disrupting parabens, sulfates,  phthalates and more!


Going “green” with your beauty is a great way of reducing your exposure to ingredients proven not so great for your skin, your body and the planet. Yet not all green beauty products are designed the same. For any natural skin care formula, quality and the functionality of the ingredients are critical factors in effective beauty. Their selection process, their reason on why they’re used in the products and real scientific backing are important points for an efficacious formula.


At AveSeena, we select our ingredients very carefully based on scientific publications from PubMed. Our founder Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu explored the scientific information carefully to avoid any estrogenic chemicals and questionable materials that can be harmful to you. She had first-hand experience of what unwanted chemicals beauty products are like on her skin and body. Suffering from various stages of sensitive skin to most severe form of cystic acne, and PCOS prone body type, she took a closer look at her most beloved personal products only to realize that they all had one thing in common: their ingredients contained toxins, estrogenic chemicals and more. As a scientist, she began meticulous research into totally clean, natural safer and effective beauty to make the skin and body happy.


Science, creativity, patience and attention to detail are essential qualities for the creation of AveSeena skincare. Each formula is all natural and free of the toxic heavy metals, fillers, endocrine disrupting parabens, questionable surfactants and more, which can negatively affect the skin’s natural defense mechanisms. AveSeena skincare program intelligently multi-tasks scientific information and natural ingredients for skin’s beauty to maintain, comfort and provide immediate well-being, while respecting its natural balance at the service of a unique philosophy: to enhance the healthier beauty by filling the gap between skin and the immune wellness.


Formulation is a meticulous and a delicate balancing art for us. In order to obtain the perfect formula, tests and modifications are performed step by step, ingredient by ingredient, working with precious botanicals in precise quantities until the desired exceptional result is achieved. An AveSeena formula is the fruit of this meticulous effort representing more than 1,000 hours’ work spread over 12 to 24 months.


Indulging your skin with natural beauty with feel good ingredients will reduce your exposure to products that are proven to be not-so-great for your body and the planet, but which ingredients should you actively avoid?


Synthetic chemicals such as PEGs, sulphates and parabens have been known to irritate skin, disrupt endocrine function, and—in some extreme cases—potentially contribute to cancer. But before you panic, just remember that the scientific names of some naturally occurring ingredients might sound synthetic. For example, sodium chloride is sea salt and citric acid is naturally found in citrus fruits. You can find the ingredients we avoid in addition to the ones banned by EU here in our H-Free list.


Love, gratitude and wishing you a gorgeous healthy skin,


Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu MSc., PhD.


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