Carrot seed essential oil is steam distilled from the seeds of Daucus carota. It is primarily used for its therapeutic applications within skin care in natural beauty formulations. It is highly coveted within the cosmetic industry for its skin rejuvenating and anti-aging properties.

Carrot seed essential oil should not be confused with carrot oil, which is simply an infusion of macerated (chopped up) carrot into a carrier oil, such as olive oil or sunflower oil. Both carrot seed essential oil and carrot oil have different properties and uses. For anti-aging skin care, one must use carrot seed essential oil.

This herbal, earthy-smelling oil has a strong scent that many find to be unappealing, though the scent blends well with other essential oils to create a warm and woodsy scent that is much more palatable. In skin care formulations, the scent of carrot seed essential oil is often not discernible.

Carrot seed essential oil is probably the best-documented essential oil for aging skin. Multiple studies confirm its ability to protect and repair damaged skin:

• Its strong antioxidant properties help protect skin from UV rays, pollution and stress
• It stimulates red blood cells, which improves circulation, elasticity and skin tone.
• Soften and smooth skin
• Visibly reduces and even prevents wrinkles from forming.
• Widely documented revitalize rejuvenate skin cells to restore a youthful glow.

In our next article, we share how to make your own carrot infused oil.

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