What are the skin barriers and inflammaging?

The skin is a complex ecosystem and your first line of defense against the world. This ecosystem is made up of four amazing barriers which all work to protect our bodies: the skin microbiome, physical, chemical and immune barriers.

When your barriers are strong and in balance, they protect you from pollution, irritation and the elements helping your skin feel resilient, hydrated, healthy.

What happens when you don’t look after your skin barriers?

Environmental stressors, irritants and allergens can wreak havoc on the skin barrier functions.  When your barriers cannot do their job, the skin weakens and starts to show signs of inflammaging. With that, you might start to notice signs on your face. Look out for inflammation, dehydration, acne, itchiness, rough patches, sensitivities and/or signs of premature aging.

Inflammation + aging = Inflammaging

inflammation skin care
for healthier skin

Stronger Skin against Inflammaging

Inflammaging is not always visible on the surface, but it silently lurks underneath. When these barriers are continually disturbed by this micro chronic inflammation, skin is left in a constantly compromised state exacerbating tissue and cell degeneration and a range of common skin conditions.

Sensitive skin and inflammaging are on the rise. That’s why, we prioritized strengthening and rebuilding of the skin barriers, while helping to calm inflammation and boost skin’s ability to heal itself. We designed our formulas to work with your barriers not against them.

Our powerful barrier-centric products reduce signs of inflammaging and fortify your defenses for a beautiful healthier looking skin.

Multi-target and Multi-functional: Less is really more

We created multi-target and multi-functional formulas that help to fortify the barriers, defend against stressors keeping skin balanced and calm. Because using less yet more effective products help the skin grow stronger.

Beauty made safer

We excluded a comprehensive list of +1500 questionable ingredients that can further weaken the barriers. So you can focus on nurturing your skin – the essential coat of armor that protects you from the outside world.


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