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The Science of Inflammaging

When you’re stressed, tired and seeing more signs of aging such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, uneven tone, occasional redness and rough texture, you are very likely experiencing “Inflammaging”. Environmental pollution, toxins, stress, fatigue, sun damage, blue light, chemical irritants, lack of sleep are the culprits for this chronic micro inflammatory response.

This response ultimately exhausts skin’s cells and its immune system causing signs of premature aging – aka “Inflammaging”.

Inflammation + aging = Inflammaging.

Inflammaging is not always visible on the surface, but the impact happens under the surface, underneath the skin. It can result in tissue and cell degeneration. In time, it can disturb the over all process of 4 pillars of skin balance composed of physical and chemical barrier, skin microbiome and skin immune balance. A healthy looking and feeling skin depends on the ultimate balance of these 4 pillars that are free from signs of inflammaging.

Mainstream cosmetics industry did not acknowledge the role of inflammaging, they focused more on the surface. Today, that is changing with Immunocosmetics™ to help unleash skin’s innate wellness by visibly supporting the 4 pillars of the skin against daily stress and aggressors.

defeat signs of inflammaging

reconnect to natural rejuvenating cycle

Inflammaging can accelerate signs of skin aging by virtually degrading collagen and elastin and inhibiting the innate ability to renew and repair leading to weaker and vulnerable first line of defense.

Once signs of inflammaging tips over the limit that the immune system can handle, the impact becomes visible on the surface such as appearance of rough texture, irritation, itching, dryness, fine lines, redness or as breakouts.

AveSeena’s multi-tasking and multi-functional products take the guesswork out of skincare by focusing on the ultimate wellness of the first line of defense- your skin.

Powered by a cocktail of phytonutrients – from bakuchiol, vitamins, time-fighting peptides, plant oils to precious botanicals – all work together to help build and defend the foundation for long-term nourished and rejuvenated feeling skin.


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