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Skin is our biggest organ covering all our body and it is our first line of defense against harsh environmental conditions, pollution and infectious agents. Our skin mirrors what’s going on with our inner health. What goes underneath, shows up on the surface eventually impacting the appearance of our skin – from inflammation, aging to acne.

Inflammation under the skin can be induced by external factors such as UV exposure, Blue light exposure, environmental pollution, smoke, sudden changes in temperature and more. With the pandemic we are over exposed to internal factors such as stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and unbalanced diet.

External factors that can permeate to the deepest layers of your skin combined with internal attackers can alter your skin barrier causing unwanted chronic micro inflammation under the skin.

Your skin’s immune system fights against these factors to counteract their impact and repair the damaged cells, tissues and destruction of collagen.

However, this constant battle at one point pushes the skin’s immune system into an overdrive and we start seeing the detrimental results of this inflammation as signs of aging, formation of wrinkles, sensitivities.


Chronic micro inflammation underneath = Signs of aging, irritation, inflammation on the surface. Result: inflammaging.


What’s worse is sensitive skin types and people suffering from inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, eczema etc are more susceptible to the effects of inflammaging.


Signs of Inflammaging

inflammaging skin care

Inflammaging weakens the skin barrier, further activates the skin’s immune system which ends up in the breakdown of elastin and collagen that damaging the skin barrier function and skin microbiome balance even more .

Result: signs of inflammaging can show up as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone and texture.

What’s most unfortunate about inflammaging is that once symptoms are there, it’s even harder to get rid of it. This makes preventative measures all the more important.

And in comes Immunocosmetics to the rescue to repair signs of skin damage caused from signs of inflammaging, signs of fatigue, wrinkles to dark spots and a dull and sallow looking complexion.

Click here to read about: immunocosmetics helping against signs of inflammaging and what actions you can take to combat it.




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