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We’ve been receiving a ton of questions from our community about inflammation, skincare, and anti-inflammatory living, so we turned to the source – our innovative founder, formulator, and all-around scientist, Dr. Ebru!

Dr. Ebru’s reputation precedes her – she’s not just any scientist, she’s truly the “Immuno Queen!” (We also call her Dr. E). And it’s no surprise why we call her that. With her extensive background in immunology, molecular medicine, and sex hormones, she’s like a superhero of skincare, creating treatments for inflammatory issues at the molecular level to keep our skin and body healthy.

Dr. Ebru’s scientific expertise is truly impressive, but what makes her stand out is her sparkling personality! dr ebru

Her fun, sassy and approachable approach to skincare makes it easy and accessible for everyone to take care of their skin. She is our go to gal for every question we have and if she doesn’t know she does not rest until she finds the answer. Little OCD? She says so! LOL…

So, get ready to take notes as the immuno queen herself shares some tips on to achieve healthy, glowing skin!


Question: Can you tell us about inflammation and its effects on the skin?

Dr. Ebru:   Oh boy, inflammation is a fascinating process to me. Inflammation is a natural response that occurs in our bodies when we’re injured or infected and we need it for a healthy body.

However, chronic inflammation can have negative effects on our skin, including acne, premature aging, redness, and enlarged pores.

Basically, it’s when our immune system goes a little haywire and starts attacking healthy skin cells, causing all sorts of issues. Think redness, irritation, acne, premature aging – you name it.

It can also lead to chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, and perioral dermatitis.


Question: What are some common sources of inflammation?

Dr. Ebru:        Oh, there are plenty. We’ve got harsh skincare ingredients and treatments like acid peels and lasers, UVA and UVB rays, stress, pollution, allergens,  smoking, drinking, and pro-inflammatory foods. Basically, we’re surrounded by inflammatory influences on a daily basis. It might seem like we’re fighting an uphill battle but it is possible to keep it in check with easy changes. Note to self: stop drinking too much coffee! LOL


Question: How does inflammation affect the skin? And how about other areas of the body?

Dr. Ebru:   Inflammation is basically the root cause of virtually every skin and health issue out there. When our body is constantly under attack from inflammation, it can lead to all sorts of dysfunctions, like psoriasis, rosacea, and perioral dermatitis. And that’s not even mentioning the impact it can have on our overall health, like contributing to heart disease and other chronic illnesses.


Question: That’s definitely not something to take lightly. So, what can we do to combat inflammation through skincare?

Dr Ebru:    Ah, now we’re talking!  First and foremost, we need to focus on nurturing our skin barriers, its cells rather than destroying them and inducing inflammaging and irritation. This means avoiding triggers of inflammation and using high-quality skincare products that promote healthy skin barrier function, hydration, and nutrition. I was personally tired of using products that wasn’t helping me and my skin. And that’s why we created AveSeena  – it’s specifically formulated to combat inflammation and promote healthy, youthful, glowing skin.

It’s important to use skincare products that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, like green tea, niacinamide, and good oils like squalane. These ingredients can help reduce inflammation and protect your skin from further damage.  It’s also important to avoid harsh ingredients that can trigger inflammation, such as sulfates, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances. These ingredients can damage the skin barrier and lead to irritation, redness, and inflammation. That’s why I love formulating with combating signs of inflammaging in mind!


Question: That sounds amazing. But what about other aspects of our lifestyle? How can we combat inflammation in other areas of our lives?

Dr Ebru:   Great question! It’s not just about skincare – an anti-inflammatory lifestyle extends to movement, sleep, mental health, and nutrition. I always recommend eating a diet rich in fatty fish, avocados, broccoli, and green leafy vegetables, and avoiding inflammatory foods such as alcohol, sugar, too much gluten, excessive salt, and processed or fried foods. And don’t forget about the importance of a good night’s sleep, daily exercise, and stress reducing meditations.


Question: Those are some great tips. But I have to ask – are you personally a high-stress or low-stress person?at the lab

Dr Ebru:    Haha, well, let’s just say I’ve learned how to manage my stress over the years. As a scientist and entrepreneur, there’s always something to stress about, but I’ve found that incorporating regular exercise, healthy eating, and meditation into my routine has made a huge difference in keeping me balanced and focused.

And I see you added my picture here after a long day in the lab – completely in the zone LOL!


Question: That’s great to hear. And last but not least, what are some of your favorite activities for decreasing stress and its impact on the body and skin?

Dr Ebru:   Oh, there are so many! I love meditation, walking, cooking healthy meals, and spending time with my family and friends. I start my day with meditation to help calm my mind and reduce stress before my toddler wakes up. Sometimes my meditation is cut half with a tiny nose on my nose or her trying to climb on my back. 🙂 And of course, I always make sure to take time for self-care, whether it’s a relaxing bath or a 2-minute facial with my AveSeena goodies.  It’s all about finding what works for you and sticking with it.


Question: Let’s talk about the brain! Can we say our brain rules our inflammatory responses – that is in a way to say stress changes how our immune system responds?

Dr. Ebru:    OMG! Absolutely. Our brain and immune system are closely linked, and stress can have a significant impact on our body’s inflammatory responses. When we’re under stress, our body releases cortisol, a hormone that can increase inflammation and damage the skin barrier.

Good news is that we can learn to manage our stress and reduce its impact on our immune system. Activities like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing can help to lower cortisol levels and promote relaxation, which in turn can help to reduce inflammation in the body and on the skin.

It’s also important to take care of our mental health and seek support when we need it. Inflammation isn’t just a physical issue – it can also be linked to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. By taking a holistic approach to our health and well-being, we can better manage inflammation and its effects on the body and skin.


Question:  Would meditation really help calm our minds, calm stress down, and calm down inflammation? Or is it just a myth?

Dr. Ebru:   Oh, it’s definitely not a myth! Meditation can be a powerful tool for reducing stress and inflammation. And let’s be honest, with everything going on in the world today, we could all use a little more calm and relaxation in our lives, right?

Meditation works by helping us to focus our attention and calm our mind, which can in turn help to lower cortisol levels and reduce inflammation. It’s like a little magic trick for the body and mind!

Now, I know some people might think meditation isn’t for them. Maybe they’ve tried it before and didn’t feel like it worked, or they just don’t think they have the time. But the truth is, anyone can benefit from meditation, and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Even just 5-10 minutes a day can make a big difference.

So, if you’re feeling stressed or inflamed, give meditation a try. And don’t worry, you don’t have to sit cross-legged or chant “om” to do it. There are plenty of apps and resources out there that can guide you through the process and make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Question: With so many skincare brands flooding the market, what is your approach: as a consumer would you prefer quantity and low price or high quality scientific products?

Dr. Ebru: Ha! That’s a great question. As a self-proclaimed skincare addict, I’ve definitely fallen victim to the allure of cheap, trendy skincare products. But as a scientist and formulator, I know that high-quality, scientifically-formulated products are the way to go.

When it comes to skincare, I firmly believe that quality trumps quantity. Investing in products that are formulated with proven, science-backed ingredients is the key to achieving healthy, glowing skin. Plus, high-quality products often last longer, so you end up saving money in the long run.

Of course, I’m always on the lookout for a good deal, but I never compromise on quality. At the end of the day, your skin deserves the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with high-quality, scientifically-formulated skincare products.


Question: Any other messages?

Dr. Ebru:  I am humbled and honored you called me the Immuno Queen! 🙂

I want to remind anyone who is reading this Q&A that you are the ruler of your own kingdom. You are the Queen or the King! You have the power to make choices that benefit your health, your beauty, and your life. And while I’ve shared some tips on how to combat inflammation and take care of your skin, it’s important to remember that your journey is your own.

So go out there and reign, my dear fellow queen or king! Be proud of who you are and all that you’ve accomplished. Embrace your individuality and let your light shine bright for the world to see. You are unique, you are beautiful, and you are amazing!

So, my fellow queens and kings, go out there and conquer the world with your sass and confidence.

And never forget that we are here to support you and cheer you on every step of the way.


Well, there you have it folks – Dr. Ebru has spoken! When it comes to skincare, quality beats quantity any day of the week. As much as we all love a good bargain, it’s important to remember that our skin deserves the best. So, the next time you’re tempted by a cheap and cheerful skincare product, just remember – you get what you pay for!

Thank you to Dr. Ebru for sharing her insights and expertise with us. With her scientific knowledge and sparkling personality, she’s truly the queen of all things immune and molecular. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!




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