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Ask any beauty expert, esthetician or dermatologist, they will tell you the secret to glowing skin is not hidden in good makeup/coverup session of the surface but the foundation of it. Glowing skin starts with your skin.

To get that beautiful fresh rested, healthy look is the focusing on your elements of glow in combination of your wellness routine and effective, high-quality product(s), which all pay back big time.


universe got your back1- A quick facial massage does wonders

Stimulation of your skin with a light massage can help with the circulation and refresh your whole face and also helps to absorb the products better. Use your fingertips to massage your serum or cream on your face with upward motions for 2-3 minutes. This will help your complexion look luminous and much firmer.

2. Clear the daily pollution with a mask

When your skin starts looking dull whatever you do, it is time to remove and clear out all the impurities that create background noise in your glow. Although they are not very noticeable – day by day dust, dirt from the environment add up, when removed your skin looks soft and flawless. Remove the impurities from your complexion and pores with a mask like Honeyactive Beauty Mask. This mask offers the combined detoxing, smoothing and hydrating effect with visible soft and luscious glow.

3. Layer your textures

Especially during season changes, stressful days extra TLC to your complexion goes a long way. Apply your Micro Algae Immun B3 Serum and apply that needed extra glow by using a cream rich in Niacinamide such as Ageless Perfection Cream.

4. Binge-serum for glowing skin

That’s right. Apply your serum day and night. Serums are much more concentrated compared to a facial oil, lotion or a cream. They are the powerhouse of the skin treats and you will need a small amount to see results. However the trick is to apply daily- in the morning and at night. Choose a serum – such as Micro Algae Immun B3 Serum – loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin E, Niacinamide to defend against aging free radicals and stress as well as peptides and plant stem cell extracts to help boost collagen and decrease redness for a skin with a more firm, glowing youthful appearance.

5. Work out or at least put your head down once in a while

Working out, walking or even bending over will increase your circulation and your oxygen levels in your body. Not only you feel better, you will look better as well.

6. Superboost your foundation

Mix a few drops of an oil-free serum (try Micro Algae Immun B3 Serum) with your foundation. Apply the mix to your face with your foundation brush or sponge. This will create not only a beautiful even and natural looking layer but also provides you a glow better than your highlighter with the added benefits you will get from your serum.

7. Strengthen your barrier

Protecting and strengthening our outermost layer – the skin barrier is critical to prevent loss of moisture, dryness and dullness which all in turn stress your skin more and even cause irritations and inflammation. Use a multitasking cream (try Ageless Perfection Cream) to protect and supply hydration with key ingredients like natural Cassia Angustifolista, while targeting aging free radical damage and signs of aging, help lighten dullness, and even out your skin tone to give you a dewy, hydrated appearance while visually stimulating new collagen production.

8. Disinfect your smartphone

iPhone screens that you touch everyday are loaded with bacteria and viruses according to a Stanford University study. So every time you are talking on the phone, those nasty germs are landing on your face, jawline or cheek which can cause irritation, acne or inflammation. Sanitize your phone with a clean cloth or paper towel sprayed with alcohol or a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water.

9. De-Stress everything

Nothing is worth all the stress you put yourself through. Studies show that stress can affect your immune system and your skin’s health in a negative way making you more prone to germs our there. Try meditating or a breathing exercise for 5-10 minutes a day.

10. Get your ZZzzz

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Sleep deprivation decreased circulation and increases stress, which is why you look washed out and tired if you only get a few hours of sleep. At night your body, skin and immune system goes through its renewal cycle which is a part of your circadian rhythm. This is when you want you nourish your skin with high quality hydrating ingredients, powerful nutrients and ultrabotanicals to do their jobs. Seven to eight hours of sleep gives the perfect time and break that your skin, skin’s immune system and your body to rejuvenate for a glowing healthier look.

Wishing you a glowing healthier skin,




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