Skin microbiome health

We delved deep into what is the skin microbiome. Ideally, skin microbiome are good bacteria are abundant enough on the skin to overpower the harmful microorganisms you may encounter every day. However, things like the soap you use – which has a pH around 10-11- or harsh cleansers or acidic toners can disturb the balance of the skin’s microbiota, possibly leading to acne, skin inflammation, redness, dryness and other issues.

When this balance is disrupted, it leads to aggravated chronic skin diseases like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or acne. How can we protect this delicate balance?

Stop Using Harsh Soaps, Cleansers or Retinoids

Stop using harsh soaps, cleansers- basically stop overcleaning. Washing your skin too often with tripple cleansing routines or using harsh soaps strip away good bacteria and disturb the skin microbiome and sebum levels. Clean only with pH balanced gentle cleansers and avoid antibacterial soaps or any soap for that matter. 

Another way to preserve these good skin microbiome organisms is also by eliminating synthetic fragrances and other powerful synthetic materials. Strong retinoid or topical antibiotic treatments can also disturb the fragile balance of skin microbiome. 

Hydrate Yourself—Inside and Out

Not hydrating enough can negatively impact your skin’s microbiome with dryness or irritation. Support your skin microbiome and drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. We also suggest using a microbiome-pampering moisturizer that has botanical humectants hyaluronic acid or glycerin such as Ageless Perfection Cream. These humectants that draw water into the skin, additionally ceramides or squalene, botanical oils in these skincare products restore the skin barrier.

Don’t Overhaul Your Beauty Routine

We understand more about what’s living on our skin and how it supports skin health, we prefer to use scientifically proven ingredients to encourage this balance and gentler materials overall. Selecting the most gentle skincare products and not overhauling the skincare routine with extra steps – for example 10 step beauty routines- is much healthier in maintaining a balanced skin microbiome and pH. 


Changing products? 

In addition to paying attention to what is in your products, consider starting to make a change towards more natural products entirely. It will not be an over night flip. Start making some changes slowly and make the shift completely when you are ready. Do your research and slowly shift makeup and personal care products to more natural ones to protect the 4 barriers of your skin.



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