Lovely Emmi Snicker is a talented fashion, and beauty blogger from Sweden. Emmi Snicker Beauty Blogger She writes her blog in both English and Swedish and focuses on “fashion with a Scandinavian, sustainable twist and organic beauty.” Her blog –– is definitely swoon-worthy.

Emmi has experienced and reviewed Honeyactive Beauty Mask and we’re grateful for her genuine input.  Thank you Emmi!

Here are some sections from her review as a teaser. You can find the full review on her website here.

“Now is time to review and compare these expensive goodies. They are almost identical to the look and the fragrance, as well as both of them make the same claims – the masks should provide a gentle exfoliation, cleanse, make the skin smoother and moisturized while natural luster are restored. The masks are both based on honey, white clay, cocoa and botanical ingredients.

The biggest difference is the texture and the formula – scroll down to read what I think!”

Honey Mask Skincare Nontoxic Beauty

“Honeyactive Beauty Mask” from AveSeena, 100 ml and ca 580 SEK ($67)*

  • What: face mask.
  • Fits: all skin types and ages.
  • Should give: luster, clean and smooth the skin.
  • Contains: honey, white clay, coconut and castor oil, botanical extract, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin. Large proportion of natural ingredients, percentage of organic unknown.
  • Formula: a sticky cream that is applied with clean fingers on skin, the warmth from the hands makes the formula soft. In contact with water, the mask gets a milky, exfoliating formula and can easily be rinsed off.
  • Scent: delicious scent of cocoa, honey and varm vanilla.
  • Packaging: luxurious glass jar with plastic lid.
  • Effect: gives moisturizing, smooth skin and “drains” impurities. Any blackheads shrinks a bit and pimples underneath the surface appear. Just like The Honey Mud, an all-round mask that doesn’t produce radical results but rather works deeply in skin, moisturizes, gives skin a leash and an aromatherapy moment. Honeyactive Beauty Mask gives a slightly more exfoliating effect.”

Emmi Snicker review Honeyactive Beauty Mask

“So what do I think?”…..

Find out what Emmi thinks about Honeyactive Beauty Mask and  her verdict click here.


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