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Why do You Need Preservatives in Cosmetics?

Who wants to see mold or nasty bacterial growth on their food or in their cosmetics? No one! Foods like cheese, packaged foods, jams, store bought baked goods are some of the foods we cannot have without preservatives. Preservatives protect us from health threatening growth of these nasties in our food, skin care, makeup, drugs, hair products and even in our toothpaste. What if we do not have preservative in a strawberry jam? You will see mold growth like the picture below.

Beauty Secrets Shared

Secrets Behind Glowing Skin

The skin is one the most visible expressions of beauty. There is more to the skin than just the outer layer that most people see. It is just like any other organ of the body which requires proper attention and care. Some people have an ineffable glow to their skin...

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Discover: New Natural Jetsetter Kit

How do you keep your skin looking fresh on the airplane or at your office? Do you need a quick pick me up and freshen your skin's hydration without carrying your favorite full sized products? Discover and treat yourself with our new NATURAL JETSETTER KIT. The...

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Eco Chic Beauty reviews AveSeena

Ever talented Yenny is the editor of and in her blog she shares her new discoveries in green and clean beauty. She believes green and clean choices go beyond beauty and has a very strong philosophy in selecting the best products for her self and her...

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Emmi Snicker reviews Honeyactive Beauty Mask

Lovely Emmi Snicker is a talented fashion, and beauty blogger from Sweden.  She writes her blog in both English and Swedish and focuses on "fashion with a Scandinavian, sustainable twist and organic beauty." Her blog - is definitely swoon-worthy. Emmi...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Rosehip Oil

Rosehip seed oil, also known as Rosa Mosqueta, is cold pressed from the seeds of wild rose bushes native to the Andes mountains region in Chile. The fruit or ‘hip’ of the plan bears a tiny seed that is pressed into rosehip seed oil. The resulting oil is an amber color...

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How to switch to Green and Clean Beauty?

Switching to Green Natural beauty shouldn't be stressful or confusing.⠀ To make the transition easier, as AveSeena ~ we researched, selected the finest ingredients, performed tests required by international cosmetic regulations and made sure our products are cruelty...

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Your Face’s pH Balance: What is it?

With so many products out there focusing on pH balanced term, one wonders what is pH and why is it important for our skin? The pH of a product is more than a marketing angle and correct pH of a skincare product is quite important when caring for our skin. What does pH...

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