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Why do You Need Preservatives in Cosmetics?

Who wants to see mold or nasty bacterial growth on their food or in their cosmetics? No one! Foods like cheese, packaged foods, jams, store bought baked goods are some of the foods we cannot have without preservatives. Preservatives protect us from health threatening growth of these nasties in our food, skin care, makeup, drugs, hair products and even in our toothpaste. What if we do not have preservative in a strawberry jam? You will see mold growth like the picture below.

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Why does your skin love Panthenol?

facebook twitter pinterest instagram Panthenol is another vitamin critical to a variety of functions. Panthenol is a Vitamin B5 derivative, and is used as a lubricant, moisturizer and emollient. It works wonders in anti-aging products, as we’ll discuss...

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The Clean Hub features AveSeena

If you are a fan of clean beauty, you should visit The Clean Hub. Founder Raquel is an expert and a strong supporter of healthier lifestyle and wellness including clean skincare and beauty products. We are honored that she reviewed AveSeena as one of the environmental...

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Can Vitamin E give you beautiful skin?

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that is found in a number of anti-aging skin care products. It is an excellent ingredient for nourishing and protecting skin. It works in a variety of ways to combat the signs of aging and has earned its nickname ‘the protector’....

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Beauty 101: Facial Serum vs Moisturizer

From toners to moisturizers, face oils, essences, serums, and what not; the beauty market is saturated with lotions and potions of all kinds. With such an overwhelming variety available, making the right choice for your skin hangs heavy on your shoulders. If you’re a...

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