We believe in sharing, kindness and with today’s technology, we all can easily transform lives in every corner of the world. With your help, AveSeena is committed to giving back to the communities in need to help support healthy, happy lives and to contribute the next generation of positive change in the world.

We are honored to be a member of global Buy1Give1 initiative to create meaningful and inspiring change.

When you purchase our products, you help us support various worthy causes around the world that align with our values.
For more information on B1G1, please visit

Every 6 months, we will select new projects and worthy causes and rotate them. 

All of them will touch your heart strings as they have deeply touched ours.

Let’s change and touch lives together with love today.

These are our three current supported projects:

Give a School Kit to a Child

When you purchase an Ageless Perfection Cream, you will help to provide a school kit for a disadvantaged child in Cambodia for 3 days of school.

You will help to equip a child with essential daily learning tools and to establish his or her future. Each school kit comprises of a bag, uniform, pair of shoes, pens, pencils, books, ruler and color paints. This will prevent a child from dropping out of school simply because of an inability to finance his or her own study materials.

Give a Child Blindness Prevention

When you purchase an Essential Radiance Serum, you will help prevent child blindness by distributing a daily dose of Vitamin A supplements to a child in Turkana, Kenya.

In the early stages of development, it is important that a child receives the correct nutrition and much needed Vitamins. Access to a proper diet is extremely limited in Turkana. New Ways organization seeks to rectify by giving them Vitamin A each month to prevent child blindness. With your help, a child living in poverty will have a new chance at life through precious gift of sight.

Provide a Child with Safe Filtered Drinking Water

When you purchase a Honeyactive Beauty Mask, you will help to give 5 days of access to safe water for a Tanzanian child at a local school by providing a ceramic water filter.

You will help to protect the health of a child by eliminating the incidence of waterborne diseases. MSABI that has selected 20 schools and a total of 11346 students will benefit from this program. Each ceramic filter is locally manufactured and provides safe clean water filtration. This will have a double positive impact for healthy and better quality of life for children and the community.

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