The year is 2018. A car was sent via a rocket into space; women are now legally allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, and we’re even closer to eradicating Polio from the world. Clearly, the world is headed in a positive direction!

Yet, we’re still divided on the topic of animal testing and beauty companies and brands using animal testing to test their products. Furthermore, the general population is still not aware that the beauty products they’re using are ironically damaging their skin even more.

As purveyors of premium beauty products, we simply cannot stand for this!

The Beauty of Premium, Natural, Cruelty-Free Products

Let’s break down the main characteristics of our products, focusing first on the cruelty-free aspect of AveSeena products!


Ethically speaking, we can all agree that animal testing on cosmetics simply cannot go on.

Aside from being completely unnecessary, these tests are conducted in a way that causes distress and immense pain to these gentle beings, sometimes bordering on torture.

As such, it’s crucial that we step up and protect these helpless creatures by not only protesting against animal testing, but also by siding with companies that are cruelty-free, like AveSeena. It should be mentioned that aside from these ethical reasons, another motive for going cruelty-free is that the ingredients are less toxic to begin with.

Consider this; if these ingredients can harm an animal so cruelly, imagine what reaction they may cause to your skin if you have sensitivity. By going cruelty-free, you’ll basically be protecting yourself against those ingredients, while doing your bit to help the animals.

Natural Ingredients

Moving on, let’s focus on the organic factor!

Using natural ingredients takes care of one very common complaint – it doesn’t cause chemical-specific allergic reactions, mainly because there are no chemicals in the product to begin with.

Instead, these products use earth-friendly, healthier and overall better quality ingredients that are not only effective but also gentle, making them a perfect option for those with sensitive skin.

Not to mention that with natural ingredient-based products, you get the added bonus of using products that are cleaner. Since the process of manufacturing these products is cleaner, that in turns helps in keeping the planet healthy as well.

Dermatologist Tested, Immunologist approved, EWG Verified and more!

Now here’s a benefit you don’t see, even with many natural product brands.

Dermatologist tested and approved, Immunologist approved and EWG VERIFIED means to test the products for any allergy, whether they might cause a reaction, even with basic, natural products.

Want to Avoid Toxic Cosmetics? Look for This Mark

When you see EWG VERIFIED™ mark on a product (and our products), you can be sure it’s free from EWG’s chemicals of concern and meets EWG’s strictest standards for your health. The  EWG VERIFIED: For Your Health program helps consumers avoid toxic and potentially harmful goods while helping them to find brands that are verified by EWG  who are committed to health and personal care products free from toxic chemicals. EWG Verified skin care

EWG VERIFIED products are free of materials on EWG’s “unacceptable list” such as endocrine disrupting parabens and phthalates, formaldehyde, triclosan,  microbeads and more. The EWG VERIFIED products also meet the limits outlined in EWG’s “restricted list”, that includes ingredients that have been banned or restricted by US or international government agencies such as EU or Japanese cosmetic regulatory bodies or other authoritative public health offices,such as the World Health Organization.

With all that said, all AveSeena products are 100% EWG VERIFIED with a green score of 1-2.

Since all AveSeena products are Dermatologist tested and approved, Immunologist approved and EWG VERIFIED you get a brand that goes above and beyond to ensure that your skin remains healthy, balanced and happy. On top of that, all products are truly nontoxic because they have been tested for heavy metals and they are 100% heavy metal free.

Support AveSeena

This is why AveSeena stands apart from the rest – our products promise and deliver quality results, all while keeping the earth and its citizens (and animals) healthy and safe.

So be part of a change!

Buy cruelty-free, natural skin care products from AveSeena! Give your skin the nourishment it needs, while giving nature and its animals the love it deserves!

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